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John Alston

A-Vision has been a key player in Life Safety and Emergency Services Training for a long time. Our staff has more than 24 years experience. We are innovative. Our Instructors hold National Certifications, through the N.F.P.A., American Red Cross, National Safety Council, and more. We have lectured and taught throughout the United States and abroad. Our members are frequent speakers and guests at conferences and seminars. Our advice is sought by many National Agencies and Staffers.

We are grateful that you chose to visit our website and let us know how we may assist you.

Fire Officer Trust (fotrust.org)

Fighting Fires, mitigating emergencies and serving the public are hard enough tasks. Managing the resources to accomplish these tasks takes leadership and trust. The two do not come with a promotion ceremony or the pinning of badges. They come from Fire Officer Trust.

First Responders

The Fire Command Network is our web portal for First Responders. Our goal is to provide a gateway for Fire and Emergency Service Personnel to find the information and training opportunities that will enhance their work experience and provide the training opportunities they need.


Corporate and Private

A-Vision and Associates continues its longstanding tradition of supporting our corporate and private clients with their concerns regarding Life and Job Safety Training, Evacuation, High-rise Fire Safety Management, etc. We have several products to offer and persist in developing new programs to meet the need of an ever-evolving workforce.

A-Vision Web-Based Course Server

This is the newest and most exciting addition to our company. Our web-based, distance learning, environment is growing by leaps and bounds. We have developed and delivered several courses over the years that have found favor and success, in our industry. We continually get requests as to when the next class will be. We now offer them to you with 24/7 access.

Keep checking as we add instructors and classes.

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